Bible Study

Romans 8 week, June 2016

As part of our whole-church discipleship we will study Romans 8, every day during the week Sun 26th to Sat 2nd July 2016.

Daily material

The material is available for individual study, as individual days, to download

Meeting timetable

We have arranged several opportunities to meet together for the study. Join us if you can!

Leaders notes

If you'll host or lead a session, the material is available compiled with some further notes.

Leaders notes in PDF format.

Most computers open PDF files automatically. If yours doesn't, get Adobe Acrobat PDF reader here

The material is based on excerpts taken from

Sharing in the Life of Christ: A Study of Romans 8:1-17 by Michael Morrison, ( and from

The Certainty of Godís Love: A Study of Romans 8:18-39 by Michael Morrison, (

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