Youth and Childrens work

Youth and childrens work is an important service within the church family and we look to involve the younger people in many activities of the church.

Sunday Services

During term time there is Sunday Club for children aged 3 and over on the 1st and 3rd Sundays. This includes groups for children at primary school as well as a separate group for those in secondary education. On the fourth Sunday of each month we hold a ‘Swap Over Service’ where the adults have a more medative service in a class room and the children take part in more active fun and games in the school hall.

Weekday activities

We do not run any toddler groups but as part of the Partnership can provide the support to join the activities of the other churches. Toothill Church runs Toothill Tinies

Youth activities

Although as a Church we do not run any specific youth activities we support the Partnership youth activities run as part of the emerge Youth Groups. Many of the Church help with these activities as well as the younger members taking part.

Safe to Grow

Ensuring that our young people are safe is an important aspect of the way we carry out the various activities. All of those who work with the younger people are Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checked and undergo regular training in line with the Partnership’s ‘Safe To Grow’ policy.

As part of ensuring that our young people are safe, two members of our church are Child Advocates. Their contact details are on the Church notice board and known to the younger people at Westlea Church.

Within the church we have a Safe to Grow coordinator who works closely with the Partnership and other Church Safe to Grow coordinators.

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