Westlea Walk 2007

May 2007

The plan is: Barbury Castle car park - Four Mile Clump - Ogbourne St Andrew - cross the A346 - back along the old Railway line path - to Ogbourne St George and The-Inn-with-the-Well for lunch. 6½ miles (all downhill)

The Inn with The Well, Ogbourne St George - Smeathes Ridge - Barbury Castle car park. 2½ miles (and uphill)

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Alt The Gathering of the clans, discussion of weather prospects etc.
Alt It has to be said, Westlea Church are not often ready early…especially if there's faffing-about to do
Alt Finally, a walking group.
Unfortunately no pictures of the late-comers - we catch up later
Alt Come on - this way
Alt Go on - that way
Alt It's pretty straight down to four mile clump
Alt But at least there's some horse activity to watch
Alt Looking tired?
Alt Need a sit down?
Alt Four mile clump - shady respite
Alt Suitable ridges to mess about on. Wasting time hoping the stragglers will catch up
Alt More waiting for the straggling group.
This time by the gallops above Rockley
Alt Stocking up on essential blood sugars
Alt A whole field of dandelion seed heads
Alt Two weeks before - on the recce, it was a field of Dandelion flowers
Alt Oil seed rape
Alt Path down to Ogbourne Maizey
Alt If you walk fast, you get to sit and wait...
Alt look at the nice houses...
Alt ...and watch the slower folks turn up
Alt Nice!
Alt The Marlborough to Chiseldon section of the Midland and Southern Junction Railway - now a footpath and SUSTRANs route 45. You'd never get a train through there now.
Alt Nice trees though
Alt The odd embankment to clamber on
Alt Really, really late comers, turning up to walk with us...a mile from the pub...classy!
Only the slim shall pass.

The young climb over.

The aged and wise open the gate

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Holy Trinity - Shaw
Holy Trinity
St Mary's - Lydiard Tregoze
St Mary’s
Lydiard Tregoze
Toothill Church
Westlea Church

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