Westlea Church Walk

May 2008

Following lunch in the Who'd a Thought It pub in Lockeridge, 12 members of Westlea Church and families (and 1 dog) headed to the local car park to try and see the Bluebells this time! After the previous days heavy rain it was very muddy and the youngest of the part did prove this by attemoting to swim through one of the puddles. The bluebells were spectacular and many pictures were taken.

Alt Setting out on the walk - muddier than last time but bluer
Alt Bluebells
Alt Admiring the bluebells
Alt Bluebells and young leaves
Alt Primrose and bluebells
Alt Whitebells and bluebells
Alt Bluebells
Alt Photographing the bluebells
Alt A curly horned ram
Alt Bluebells and beech leaves

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